Working Abroad Resources

Paid Work AbroadLooking for paid work abroad is a top priority if you want to be whisked away from the barren job wastes of wintry Britain and be wowed by a wonderful working experience overseas. Picking your perfect paid job abroad is one of the most popular and productive ways to travel; it’s a gift for any gap year go-getter or glorious graduate who wants to get going in the job market and is ground down by the grim outlook in the UK.

Working whizz-kid

If you want to whizz off round the world but keep asking the question ‘why work abroad?’ then look no further as we guide you through the pitfalls and puzzles of your paid work search overseas. With a little bit of a helping hand you can soon make your job hunt less pain and more gain.  Take a look at our top tips for finding paid work abroad and kick start your job search today!

What work?

One of the most pressing questions when looking for paid work abroad is what job  to do. With wonderful opportunities in any area, from adventure jobs such as sailing in Australia to professional paid teaching internships in Asia, whatever your working wish, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Destination dreams

With so many dynamic destinations to dip your toe into, you can delight in making the decision of where to go for your work experience abroad. Whether you’re seeking sunshine or after cultural charisma, your travel dreams can come true as you jet off to some jammy jobs in some cool and colourful countries. From Down Under destinations to awesome Africa get going and go global!

Amazing advice

Pick up some priceless practical advice on everything paid-work related, from advice about travel insurance and taxes to vital information about working visas. Learn how to spice up your CV and ace that international interview and pick up some tips about paid work programs and other sparkling shortcuts to paid work abroad.

Helping hands

Get a hassle-free helping hand through the winding pathways of the working world and you’ll soon be proving your worth in the perfect paid work position abroad.