Top Tips For Working Abroad

Top tips for working abroadIf you’re all set to take your job search worldwide then here are some top tips for keeping ahead of the game and making sure your paid work experience abroad is as easy as 1, 2,3…

Advance Planning

Set up as much of your job search as you can in advance, before leaving home, so you leave all your free time abroad for fun and seeing the sights!

Do your homework!

It pays to plan your ideal destination and line up your job opportunities before you go, so you get the most out of your hunt for paid work.

Join a program

Don’t sweat the small stuff, join a paid work program and let them do most of the hard work for you. It’s peace of mind on a plate.

Be culturally considerate

Don’t put your foot in it overseas… know the cultural do’s and don’ts of your chosen country and get the best chance of scoring the perfect paid job.

Don’t tax yourself

Make sure you pay your taxes abroad and get a tax number, but don’t forget to claim back any refunds when you get home and walk straight back into a windfall.

Line your pockets

Make sure you have enough funds to take on your travels to kick start your job hunt. Once you’ve got a paid job, the rest will come rolling in!

Don’t break the budget

Don’t blow all your earnings in one go! Stick to a budget: For example, keep aside a quarter of your savings each month so you can travel, see everything you want to see, and try all your favourite awesome activities.

Try some tours

Don’t waste those valuable days off; book up some brilliant travel tours in advance to fit around work so you make the most of every spare minute.

Soup-up your skill set

Don’t get a paid job just for the sake of earning money. Match a new job to your previous skills to boost your CV, or try a new skill you’ve always wanted to, like learning to sail, teaching or working as an Au Pair so you get more from your job than just your wage packet.

Forward planning

Think where you want your paid job abroad to lead. Once you’re out there, get some references from satisfied employers and update your CV and social networking regularly, so you’re raring to go on your next job search.