What Job?

What job should I get abroad?We all know what a dating disaster feels like… awkward pauses in conversation, endless glances at your watch, time standing still… cringe city! We all dream of finding the perfect partnership and want to avoid enduring endless dull dates, and finding the ideal job combination abroad is no less important. If you get it right, and match your skills to the best jobs on offer in highly suitable destinations then you’ll soon find a paid work match made in heaven! Kiss goodbye to those awkward silences and find the perfect working holiday romance abroad.

Sell yourself!

Make sure you’re prepared to find your ideal job match. Writing the perfect profile isn’t easy, but getting your CV up to scratch and really selling your best assets is crucial if you want to make a great first impression.

You will already know what your strongest points are so make sure you dazzle on your first job date and show employers your best side.

Don’t be shy, you’re out there to get a great catch, so don’t settle for second best. You’re the best person to promote yourself, and if you can’t sing your own praises, you might risk being left on the shelf.

Know what you’re looking for

It’s best to set out with a good idea of what you want from the perfect job abroad; are you a fun and flirty type looking for some city buzz working in a bar? Or a sporty type seeking outdoor adventure jobs? Maybe you’re confident, bright and brainy and want the ideal teaching match? Or do you love kids and want to work with children on your travels? The best way of ensuring you get your job match just right is by picking a job program that incorporates all the things you love the most.

Find ‘the one’

Don’t miss any magical moments, fall in love with your perfect gap year program and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There are so many tempting treats on offer, and whatever your job-search profile you’ll be bound to find ‘the one’ if you look in all the right places.