Adventure Jobs

Explore Whitsundays Sail Training helming yachtIf you are a sucker for the great outdoors and love nothing more in the morning than a run up a mountain; or like to jazz up your afternoons by jumping out of a plane, then you’re not going to be happy being a working wallflower on your trip abroad. Adventure is going to be top of your to-do list and matching your skills and fitness levels to an amazing adventure travel experience is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Adrenaline junkie WLTM…

There are some incredible adventure opportunities that give you the chance for paid work abroad too. What sporty job seeker wouldn’t fall hook, line and sinker for a sailing job in Australia? With the chance to get your International Yachtmaster qualification, the perfect pass to sail the seven seas, it’s the ideal job for any ocean-going adventurers. Learn the ropes for a few weeks, then get your certificate, join the crew and set sail for a paid work sensation. See some incredible marine life up close and personal as you steer your way to offshore success. Work your way round the wonderful Whitsunday Islands or get to grips with the ships round the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef. Find your sea legs and get paid to pull your weight on the prow of a ship. Hard a starboard!

Make a splash!

Why not get all dreamy over a divemaster course and enjoy some aquatic amour? Join a unique paid work program and get your PADI divemaster qualifications in the stunning setting of Thailand’s Koh Tao Island. Make some deep-water discoveries, become skilled under the sea and be awed by an underwater adventure. Once you’re a scuba diving sensation then put your new-found skills to good use and become a sea-bound Spielberg on an underwater videography internship. Make diving documentaries and capture the magic of the deep then get a professional placement and get paid to plunge into the outstanding oceans off Thailand. Lights, camera, action!

Saddle up!

What roaming romantic could resist a ranch job in the outstanding outback of Australia? Get all the expertise you need to work out on the ranch, as you discover your inner cowboy, go horseback riding in the outback and drove cattle Down Under. Ramp up the adrenaline as you rock out on a ranch, and have an agricultural adventure outdoors on this unusual gap year paid work placement. Go walkabout in the wilderness or have fun on the farm as you live the outdoor lifestyle and make a few bucks into the bargain.

Go for it!

For all jobseekers looking for all-action adventure, hurl yourself headlong into hard work, try some thrill-seeking tasks and plunge into paid work and get your pulse racing. Fall for your favourite faraway job for some full-on adventure!