Where Abroad?

Where should I go to work abroad?They say it’s all about location, location,    location, and picking your perfect destination is an important part of your plans to get a paid job abroad. Your choice of destination will decide which doors open and which stay closed, as you’ll need to know which country offers the best paid work opportunities and which meet your job requirements.  So don’t be a stay-at-home stick-in-the-mud, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone, become a daydream believer and make your destinations deliver!

Destination dilemmas

Build your destination knowledge from the ground up and you’ll soon have a solid foundation for travelling and working abroad. Don’t let your job search become a destination dilemma; ask yourself a few simple questions and you’ll soon discover the right location for you:

Have a dream destination?

Do you find yourself gazing out of the windows wondering about the big wide world and wishing you were working abroad? Have you always harboured some secret faraway fantasies or got distracted by a destination daydream?

If you’ve always longed to visit a particular destination then you might want to fit your work plans around seeing your country of choice.

What do you want to do?

There might be some particular activities that are top of your list, such as adrenaline sports, diving, or horse riding. Or you might have always wanted to see the Big Five animals in Africa, or swim with sharks in South Africa in your spare time? There might be some stunning sights you’ve always wanted to see, like the Taj Mahal or Ayer’s Rock and combining your top travel wishes with job perfection is every travellers dream. With so many destinations offering great opportunities to get a paid job, why not combine your ideal job with your perfect location and really make the most of your chance to travel?

What’s most important?

It’s important to weigh up job and location, and make sure you strike the right balance between gaining relevant work experience and seeing a country you love; there’s no point taking a job you don’t want, just to see a specific destination, as ultimately that will detract from your travelling experience. Equally, there’s no point taking a great job but in a destination that doesn’t do it for you – there are enough great work opportunities for you to find the perfect harmony between location and job, so you have an all-round adventure you’ll never forget.

What’s stopping you?

Don’t be sucked in to staying in your safety net, it’s time to take that first step over the threshold, let the wind take you where it will and see all the working world has to offer. The awesome range of diverse destinations is an undeniable draw for any traveller and once you’ve decided on your location there’ll be no stopping you. Henry Miller said ‘one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’, so fling open the doors of your mind and let the world find a way in!