Home From Home or Dare to be Different?

Where should I go to work abroad?Want to see the world but wish working abroad wasn’t way out of your comfort zone? Getting a job abroad doesn’t have to mean flying away from all that you find familiar, so if you worry about homesickness on your holidays, fear not, you can fly off and find some familiar fun in far-flung destinations.

Alternatively, you might long to leave the familiar behind and branch out on a challenging trip that will take you out of your comfort zone, immerse you in a brand new experience and do something different in daring destinations. Whatever you want to do, there a dream destination to do it in!

It’s a balancing act

Before you head off into the unknown, think about what you really want out of your work destination. If you’re going to take on a paid job and immerse yourself in a country’s culture you want to both feel at ease and yet have just the right amount of edge to challenge you to do something different. Any new country will provide you with new and exciting experiences, but some may be more extreme than others, so make sure you know how far you want to push your limits.

Home from home

If you want somewhere that feels like a home from home, you might want to travel to a destination where they speak English and have a familiar culture, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the U.S.A where you will feel right at home but also enjoy exciting new adventures along the way.

The reason so many travellers head Down Under, or look for paid work across the pond, is the familiarity you can feel to these country’s cultures. We are all aware of American culture; every time we watch a film or TV we are exposed to the American way of life, so spending some time working in the USA won’t make you feel like a fish out of water.

Equally, the Aussie lifestyle is like a laid-back version of home, but with year-round sun and sensational sights into the bargain. And New Zealand is not so new, as it has the familiar flavour and feel of home but with awesome adventures to be had too. Your working life will be similar to the job market at home and you’ll fit right in before you know it!

Be different!

Maybe you’re hoping to head off for a paid job abroad and leave home behind? Do you want to drop everything, make a dynamic destination decision and dare yourself to do something really different? Many travellers want to work aboard so they can immerse themselves in a new culture and even learn a new language. If you want to capture some cultural charisma on your gap year, then heading Asia-way will give you a taste of some rich new flavours.

Marvel in some new-found Mandarin skills in China, become a curry connoisseur in incredible India or topple headlong into cultural immersion in Thailand. If you do want to be diverse and daring, factor in a bit of culture shock to your job planning and prepare in advance with some destination homework, so you can slip into your new role with ease.

Banish the blues…

They say home is where the heart is, so make sure your choices feel right for you and you won’t have to worry about the homesick blues… just be a happy job hunter hopping across the world in your travelling shoes!