Match Your Job and Destination

Out on their own! Whitsundays AustraliaDon’t linger indoors when there’s a whole wide world to explore…jump out of bed and jet off to a job abroad! For the seriously work-savvy, make sure you match your work wants to your location likes; choosing your destination carefully is crucial if you want to get the most out of your paid work opportunities, as different countries offer diverse jobs and work experience.

What job works where?

Striking the right balance between location and job is a difficult juggling act, but if you identify the best destination to do your ideal job, or find out the options for your perfect work placement and pick your favourite location, you can have it all. Don’t waste time going all around the houses, home in on a hot job today!

Top teaching

If you’ve got your heart set on paid teaching with a TEFL qualification, then you’ll need to pick from an established course or placement that is TEFL endorsed, and these are on offer all around the world. There are some amazing teaching placements in Asia that allow you to head off the beaten track and try out a teaching taster. Building your skill set in China has become a popular and fascinating teaching destination. Thailand still tops many to-do lists, and gaining your TEFL in thrilling Thailand is too tempting a treat to miss!

Bar buzz

If you fancy working in a bar in the buzz of a city, or hosting in a hotel on the perfect holiday job, you’d be best off Down Under. Australia and New Zealand are still the original gap year destinations and if you are looking for some paid fun in the sun, they’re hard to beat. Hospitality jobs are hugely popular and no wonder – hanging out in the urban cool of Sydney or Auckland and getting paid for the privilege is most travellers’ Holy Grail!

Alternative options

There are so many incredible opportunities on offer to do paid work around the world. If you are looking to pursue a professional internship position, you can get cultural kudos and sample a range of skills in incredible India. If working with kids makes your day worthwhile, why not sign up as an amazing Au Pair in America and be nanny-tastic across the pond? Look for the alternative options across the globe and you won’t be disappointed.

Working Visas

Whether or not you need a working holiday visa is another important consideration when deciding on a destination, as you need to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria and can get your hands on the right paperwork. Many popular working destinations, such as Australia and the USA, require you to have a working holiday visa, which is available for travellers aged 18-30 and is easy to apply for. These usually allow you to work for up to a year which leaves you plenty of time for travel too!

Jump in to your job search!

Whatever job you hope to do, make sure your destination of choice offers you exactly what you want. So don’t be jealous of the jet set, jump on the nearest jumbo and join in!