Spotlight on China

The Great Wall of ChinaGet carried away in charming China and go chopstick-crazy for the ultimate career-boosting opportunity in the Orient. Get a sensational CV and some serious career kudos with paid work in the world’s newest super-powered country.  Get a dynamic job in the auspicious Year of the Dragon and drive your job search forward in style.

Pagoda passions

Finding a paid Job in China means you’ll pave your way to a promising future as you power on to the perfect paid work placements. Then take your time and indulge your passion for pagodas, pandas and palaces as your take a tour or two around some of China’s picture-perfect provinces.  Become a paid professional in the Far East and find paid work that will provide you with the prime solution to any working woes.

Teaching tasters

If you fancy becoming a fully-fledged teacher then getting a paid teaching internship is your pass to a coveted TEFL qualification. Not only is it worth its weight in gold, but you’ll earn enough to fly off on a far-eastern fling seeing all the sights in your school holidays.

So use your noodle and make sure your next job is sweet not sour – go off to the Orient and cook up a career in China today!