Spotlight on Thailand

PhuketThere’s a reason Thailand is a backpacker’s paid work paradise and one of the top destinations to try out for a paid job abroad.  Thailand is a tempting treat that will take you straight to the top of the career tree with some truly terrific paid work placements.

Bangkok breaks

Get some bang-on work breaks in Bangkok, catch on to some cash-earning career chances on Koh Samui or top up your bank account with some totally tasty Thai teaching training.  If you train and get that all-important TEFL and try paid teaching, it will be your pass to teach and travel all the way around awesome Asia and beyond.

Dive in!

Seek out some sunshine on your down time on Thailand’s island idylls and take a dip in the deep blue seas. If you want to have some aquatic adventures and dive in an ultimate underwater dream-world, then why not make your water-baby skills pay their way and do something different? Do some deepwater diving and make documentary films and you’ll soon be paid to swim with the fishes in the ultimate adventure job.

Get the working wow-factor in tantalising Thailand and you’ll jump straight into the international job market. Trip off to Thailand today and watch your career take off!