Spotlight on USA

The Statue of LibertyUs Brits are suckers for the ‘special relationship’ with our American cousins and signing up for some stateside job-seeking is a sure-fire way to make your CV sizzle.

Land of freedom and opportunity

Finding paid work across the pond is the perfect opportunity to live the American dream in style. Be blown away by the buzz of the Big Apple, gape in awe at the Grand Canyon, job-search in sunny San Francisco, hotfoot it to Hollywood or work your way round the Wild West. In the land of the free you’re never short of opportunity!

Earn top dollar

Join a paid work program and get an ‘in’ to a US internship or paid position and secure that wished-for working visa. Or become a modern-day Mary Poppins as an Au Pair in America and inspire kids and live in an authentic American home. Then head off on Uncle Sam’s nickel and try out some awesome activities.

Have some amazing adventures of your own in America and get a jammy paid job. You’re guaranteed to ‘have a nice day’!