What about the weather?

The awesome weather is a great perk of working abroad!Fed up with sitting at home in Britain worrying and watching the rain make the windows wet and the world a weary wash-out? Great weather is a big lure for any traveller seeking a job abroad and as you pick your ideal work destination, you might want to think about what the weather will be like.

Fun in the sun

If you’re a serious sun seeker, set on getting some sizzling sensations on your travels, you might want to make sure you get some guaranteed year-round sun Down Under. Australia is a sun-seekers hotspot and is perfect for anyone who wants an outside adventure, finding paid work outdoors in the outback on a ranch, or sailing the sun-kissed seas off the coast of Oz. Even if you find work in an office as soon as the working day is over you can head out into the sunshine and make the most of the cracking climate.

Changeable charms

If diversity is the name of the game, then the USA has a wide range of weather spread across its many states. Experience the romance of autumn in New York, where the vibrant orange leaves sweep through Central Park in the autumn breeze. Or get sun-soaked in fun-filled Florida in the height of summer. Bake in the blazing heat of America’s Bible Belt, or have winter in the windy city of Chicago. For all extremes of work and weather, there’s no better place than the good ole’ US of A.

Brits Abroad

If you want to work in a little bit of Britain abroad, but without the dreary weather drawbacks, choose a climate closest to ours, like New Zealand. With better summers than we boast here in Britain and milder winters, New Zealand is a land of lush valleys that is the big brother of Britain’s own green and pleasant land.

Winter wonderland

If it’s a winter wonderland you want, with stunning snowy landscapes, incredible icy adventures and frosty fun, then why not chill out in Canada? Or for some snow slope action, New Zealand in July is peak ski season. If you’re chasing the white stuff there are plenty of wonderful destinations that will bring you the perfect big freeze as you tick off your wish list in-between work.

Asian flavour

To really spice things up, why not try a change of climate and add Asia to the top of your list? With a whole range of weather fronts on offer, you can celebrate Chinese New Year in a changing climate, have a beach treat in Thailand or be inspired by the incredible weather as you make your way across India, or enjoy working your way around the world.

Forecast fun

You’ll want to make the most of your favourite weather fronts on your days off from work so check out the climate in your favourite country before you sign on the dotted line. Blow the cobwebs away with some wonderful weather and whistle while you work!