Why Abroad?

Why should I work abroad?Getting a job in the current economic climate probably feels a bit like heading off on an Arctic exploration; as you struggle through the wintery wastes of the British high street, limping heroically towards the distant jobcentre with chapped lips and numb hands, suffering from snow-blindness as you tramp on blistered feet through the barren job markets, you’d be forgiven for wanting to dump the huskies and head back to the safety of your igloo.

Pick paradise

If you’re ready to take that next big step into the working world but don’t want to get frostbite from the chilly reception in the UK, why not try an altogether more exciting job and head abroad to find paid work in paradise?  It’s the perfect solution to the paid work problems at home.  Pick the promise of a job abroad over the plight of the UK job market and beat the British blues.

Dare to be different!

Competition for jobs only gets higher as the British economy sinks steadily lower, and any young graduate or professional searching for a new job would be forgiven for feeling a little downhearted, or, lets face it, full-on fed up. If you’ve had it with scanning the dismal job pages and going along to interviews and finding that the rest of Britain has turned up too, then why not consider doing something completely different and getting your perfect paid job abroad? There are so many compelling reasons for taking off, leaving the chill of Britain behind, shuffling off your snow shoes, swapping them for shorts and sunglasses, and seeing what the world job market has to offer.

Find your dream job

Imagine setting off for your dream destination and getting to fulfil all your travelling ambitions, while furthering your career and earning money! Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? If you choose to search for a paid job abroad then you really could combine career-boosting work experience with seeing all the amazing sights across the globe. Getting paid for the privilege of seeing the world is a brilliant opportunity and one that really is too good to pass up. It’s not hard to choose between joining the dole queue in Britain or donning your dark glasses and being dazzled in dynamic destinations! Whether you want to have fun in the hospitality trade, get active outdoors, test out your paid teaching tricks or seek out some specialist skills your dream job could be waiting for you somewhere out there…

Money, money, money…

They say money makes the world go round, and with a paid job abroad, you can go round the world and make money! If you have always wanted to travel but are faced with the worry of how to fund your gap trip, then getting paid work abroad is the ideal way of financing your stay overseas and saving up to see the sights. Not only will you get to earn money but you can even put some aside to set you up when you eventually return home. Make sure you set up a treat fund too, and have a blast with a brilliant blow-out on your favourite activities – go bungee bananas, surfing silly or climbing crazy in your time off! Financing gap travel doesn’t have to be a headache; with a paid job you’ll have financial security, the freedom to travel and pennies in your pocket.

Get a sensational CV

You can really make your CV sizzle with some paid work experience overseas. Think of the career kudos you can get by having a paid job abroad at the top of your CV! Not only are you proving your job skills and earning capabilities but you are showing off a whole range of other talents and qualities. Employers and universities in Britain will be impressed by your ability to take on a new challenge, travel independently, show a versatile skill set and gain proven work experience worldwide. Plus you get to go to work among some of the world’s most stunning scenery and buzzing bright cities… it’s a win/win!

Get job hunting!

Applying for jobs abroad is a lot more fun than sitting at home, watching the rain wash down the windows and waiting by your computer to hear some good news. Fill out your applications in between adventure activities, and reward yourself after a bang-on interview by basking on the beach. There are some serious perks to working abroad and you can prove your professionalism with a paid job overseas.  Finding paid work abroad is challenging, fun and exciting and doesn’t have to be any harder than any normal job search, as long as you have the know-how. It might just be the best decision you’ll ever make… so go on, get job hunting!